Judas Moon

From the spy master who brought you Rogue Agent

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The final chapter in the Leon Trilogy.

Leon Loeb is now bored, living the soft life in California. By his own volition he allows himself to be drawn into a tangle of murder and intrigue surrounding a dangerously unstable film negative sent to a local news cameraman. The sender, Judith, a renegade Mossad agent acting outside her sanction, maintains the old film is of immense value to a powerful political figure in the U.S. government. The motive, blackmail, backfires when the target retaliates, unleashing an army of enforcers, bent on destroying the film and eliminating all those that have seen it. What ensues is a violent storm with Loeb at the centre. Involvement he lives to regret. Using whatever influence remains at CIA, Loeb tries to prevail against impossible odds. Judgment impaired by personal feelings, Loeb makes mistakes and faces the most gut-wrenching challenge of his life.


Adult content. Not recommended for young readers

As chapters become available to read online, they will be posted here. If you want to read Judas Moon right away, it is available to purchase immediately from the links on this page.

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