Rogue Agent

He wants her...they only want her out of the way.

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Book Two in the Leon Trilogy.

Rogue Agent, the second thriller in the Leon trilogy, continues the extraordinary adventures of a Mid-East CIA specialist one year after his exploits in Empty Quarter.

Istanbul and the South Aegean provide an exotic backdrop for a heart-thumping thriller that pits Jewish CIA intelligence officer, Leon Loeb, against his own agency.

Something has gone horribly awry and Loeb must not only keep himself alive, but also the delectable Frances, who holds the key to a series of hitherto unconnected political assassinations. Frances beguiles Loeb causing him to forget dispassion and first principles. Alone and on the lamb, the odds weigh heavily against them both.


Adult content. Not recommended for young readers

As chapters become available to read online, they will be posted here. If you want to read Rogue Agent right away, it is available to purchase immediately from the links on this page.

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